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Wix offers a comprehensive suite of SEO tools

Wix's infrastructure is designed to meet the needs of search engine crawlers/bots in order to best support site performance, giving you a leg up on SEO. This includes server-side rendering and the creation of URLs that can be customised. Wix creates and maintains your XML sitemap, which keeps all of your site's information, pages, and relationships up to date. Furthermore, all of your images are instantly compressed, resized, and converted to WebP for faster page loading.

Take command of your SEO settings

Wix allows you to use or change the default meta tags, URL structure and slugs, structured data markup, and other SEO settings. In addition, instead of editing each page individually, you can create your own SEO logic and apply it to multiple pages of the same type.

Structured data markup that is unique to you

Wix adds structured data markups to dynamic pages such as products, events, blog posts, and more, in accordance with Google's rich results recommendations. This means that your pages are already qualified to appear as rich results. Variables can be used to modify Wix's built-in presets, add multiple markups on pages of the same type at once, and write your own markups.

URL redirection manager that is versatile

Create permanent 301 redirects for old URLs to maintain link equity. Manually redirect individual URLs or groups of URLs that follow the same path. Save time by importing up to 500 URLs at once for bulk redirects, or export a CSV file of all your redirects.

Integration with Google Search Console

Verify your domain and automatically create Google Search Console properties right from your Wix dashboard. Skip the hassle of manual verification and start tracking how your site performs in search right away.

APIs for SEO for developers

Velo APIs provide more customization options. Client-side code allows you to override your site's default SEO settings and customise functionality. Create functions to configure your pages' link tags, meta tags, structured data markup, and other attributes. To manage and update your content at scale, pull data from integrated databases.

Checklist for Personalized SEO Setup

Get your personalised checklist based on your company, location, and keywords. Follow these actionable steps to lay a solid SEO foundation, get indexed on Google in seconds, and begin optimising your website for search engines.

Improve your local search

Wix's Google Business Profile integration allows you to manage your Business Profile directly from your Wix dashboard. Create a profile or import an existing one to begin connecting with customers via Google Search and Maps. Attract local foot traffic, manage reviews, and gain valuable analytics to help you fine-tune your online marketing efforts.

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