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Best 5 Ways for Social Media SEO

Do you want to know how to incorporate social media into your content strategy to boost SEO and Google search rankings? Do you want to use social media to boost your SEO campaign? In this article, I will answer those questions with practical social media for SEO marketing advice. Improving your SEO strategy is critical for increasing your search visibility and Google ranking. However, fierce competition makes appearing in search results difficult, especially since more content is published every day.


Marketers primarily use social media to generate leads. Although the number of leads may be insufficient, LinkedIn is the top social site for lead generation. It's no surprise that 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as their content marketing hub. In addition, nearly 90% of marketers use the platform for lead generation. For B2B marketers, the professional network is the most effective lead generation social media platform. According to research, LinkedIn generates 62% of B2B leads.


If your target audience isn't visiting your blog to consume content, you should think about this option. They could be found on Medium and other social media platforms. The platform enables users to publish various types of blog content.

Medium allows you to reach a larger audience that you might not have met if you only relied on your blog or website for exposure. Several Medium articles are dominating Google SERPs for competitive keywords with high search volume. This is primarily because of the site's authority. So, if you can't rank your pages, take advantage of Medium's audience, which has nearly 154 million unique visitors per month and an average of 258 million visits per month, according to Semrush Traffic Analytics.


By far the most popular social media platform in the world is Facebook. According to Semrush, the site ranks third globally, behind Google and YouTube, and they have had over 20 billion visits per month over the last six months, with May being particularly high at nearly 26 billion.

Facebook has made it easy for users to share content and post various materials. For maximum traction, distribute links to your blog content or share your entire post. And, according to reports, Google crawls and indexes links on Facebook. Facebook first allowed Google and other search engines to crawl some of its pages in 2007. Since then, the social media behemoth has made more content available for indexing, including Facebook comments.

It means that Google bots and other search engine crawlers can read the information on its pages. As a result, when users conduct searches, those Facebook pages will appear on SERPs, and Facebook reviews will even appear in Google knowledge boxes. So, use this social media site for SEO, generate Facebook reviews, and drive more web traffic to your site.


Twitter, like Facebook, is an excellent social media platform for SEO. I previously stated that more social signals have a positive impact on Google rankings. The more your content is shared on Twitter and other social media sites, the higher your website's ranking on SERPs will be. Twitter allows you to share your posts in order to reach a larger audience. To increase the reach of your Twitter posts, only share high-quality content that engages users. Add relevant hashtags to increase visibility. Hashtags help people find your tweets quickly, which increases brand recognition and traffic. So, if you're not using Twitter for SEO and content distribution, you're throwing money away.

To attract users and drive traffic to your blog, tweet your links frequently (but not in a repetitive and spammy manner). The likes, shares, and comments you receive are strong social signals — important factors that Google considers when ranking your website.


Pinterest is ideal for SEO, and many marketers rely solely on Pinterest search traffic to grow their businesses. Pinterest, a social media platform, also functions as a search engine website.

The numbers speak for themselves and demonstrate why you should consider Pinterest SEO as part of your social media marketing strategy. Furthermore, the Pinterest search feature is one of the most popular features on the site. As a result, optimizing your profile and Pins will assist you in driving consistent traffic to your website.

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Ag R
Ag R
19 de fev. de 2023

Pinterest did not work for my website. I can't use Face book because there is already similar name of the website. LinkedIn is only source of 2-3 visits per month. So not really good source. Did not tried Medium yet. Any advice how to generate more leads?

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