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2022 SEO Hacks and Updates

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Hacks are typically used for some unauthorized stuff but this is the glory of English that we can use in different manners many times we say “Kill the engine” but that doesn’t mean to kill something. Likewise, we refer to hacks in terms of strategies that can help you gain more knowledge in SEO and benefit your business. In this advanced competitive world, it's very tough to stand out of the box and gain more business.

The Internet is used worldwide and nearly everybody is a user. 5G is right around the corner. That will affect the SEO strategies because if we look at the maximum speed of 4G, which is 1Gbps whereas 5g is 20Gbps, which means faster data rates, lower latency, higher connection density, and power savings.

So, looking at the competitive world and future 5G we have made a list of Top 4 hacks to stand out of the box to grow your business more, sounds interesting? And are worried about future marketing strategies? You are at the right place! Dive in!

Optimize for Personalization:

As 5G is coming it will bring revolution in digital marketing in many ways but the most important way is Personalization.

Because of the faster internet connections, internet users grow at an even faster rate than earlier.

In remote and dynamic locations as well, they are going to provide 5G internet. As in the Additional layer to persona segmentation, hyper-localization can be added because of this, personalization and targeting audience will play a very significant role in SEO.

Personalization is really important to reach your audience. So, think, select and optimize properly according to your audience, this is the trend that you can’t ignore.

Optimize for No-click Search:

No-click searches are also called Featured Snippets and Zero-click searches which are launched by Google to improve the audience’s experience by providing them with quick, brief, and appropriate answers according to what one has searched.

This is the real trouble for many websites because of this snippet their website ranking can decrease if it is not optimized for No-click search. Even Wikipedia is suffering a 21% loss in its traffic.

Featured Snippets usually include database type, dictionary/encyclopedia-type, and Map/directional type of searches.

How do you optimize:

  • Including question words in your keywords like “what”, “when”, “how”, “near me” etc.

  • High-quality content.

  • Try your website to rank on the first page

  • Proper format of your content like using h1/2 for heading, bullet points/numbering, etc.

  • Add FAQ and Q/A page to your website

Optimize for Voice Search:

Voice Searches were started from home and it was a big hit for the industry. Now we have smart speakers for a home-like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Even in some cars, we can find such voice searches and it is effective and users are increasing day by day.

So how can we optimize for voice search:

  • Target questions work as your keywords like “which is the nearest café”

  • Target “long-tail” keywords like “how can I make pizza at home”

  • Include locations in your keyword like “which is the best video animation service

Make more Video/ Image content than the text:

As per the psychology, most humans understand much more from the video and images than a text and as I have mentioned 5G is roundabout, users can watch more videos and images without any internet issues.

  • Make your product or informational video/image related to your business and Go Viral.

  • Use YouTube, and social media to get your attention and increase your audience. Ultimately your business will grow.

  • Make AR/VR video

  • Interactive Contents

  • 360-degree view of your business

Keep your audience engaging with the help of Social – Media, and YouTube.


Day-by-day new hacks and strategies will update in SEO, it's like a long marathon. So, for now, these hacks can help you to grow your business.

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